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Thanks for Celebrating the Stars and Stripes With Us on July 4!

The biggest concert of the year happened on Wednesday, July 4, at Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette, with the Stars and Stripes Concert. The Big Swing Band, led by Steve Cotten, started things off at 7:00. At 7:45, the Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps appeared. The Lafayette Citizens Band, led by Bill Kisinger, and the Freedom Singers, led by John Satterfield, took over at 8:00. This first part of the LCB program also included two selections by Bill's Bones, vocal solos by John Satterfield and Dustin Hopkins, and a narration by Mike Piggott.

Click here for the complete "Stars and Stripes Celebration Concert" program .

There is no concert this evening (Thursday, July 5). Our next concert is Thursday July 12, with Win Grant's Money performing at 6:45 pm. O'Charley's Restaurant will be giving out free pie! The LCB concert starts at 7:30 pm, titled "Mostly Marches". You can see the "Mostly Marches" program here .

Listen to Music, Buy Some Books, and Support the LCB!

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On Saturday, July 14, we encourage you to visit Barnes and Noble Bookstore near the Tippecanoe Mall in southeast Lafayette. If you take the coupon above (click on the image to download and print it), a percentage of your purchase will go directory to the Lafayette Citizens Band. Groups from the LCB will be playing throughout the day. (Note: coffee and food are excluded.) So, listen to music, buy some books, and support the Lafayette Citizens Band!

The Lafayette Citizens Band presents "Music for a (Hot) Summer Evening"

CarmenSouth Pacific

On Thursday, June 28, the Lafayette Citizens Band presented a concert titled "Music for a Summer Evening". It started with a march by W. Paris Chambers titled "Hostrauser's March", dedicated to J. F. Hostrauser. The second number was a wind band classic, Gustav Holst's "First Suite in Eb", containing three movements, Chaconne , Intermezzo , and March , which were connected together by small themes.

Glenn Osser's "Beguine for Band" is next. Music Director Bill Kisinger explained that the beguine originated in the Caribbean island of Martinique. Probably the most famous beguine is Cole Porter's "Begin the Beguine". Rimsky-Korsakov's "Sheherazade" followed, arranged by Jay Boocock, and then a circus march (that is, a very fast march) by Karl King, "Invictus".

Marcel Ramalho was our vocal soloist for the evening. Marcel sang two numbers, the "Toreador" song from Georges Bizet's opera Carmen , and Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Some Enchanted Evening", arranged by Bill Kisinger. Warren Barker's arrangement of "The Symphonic Gershwin" and John Wasson's "Land of Liberty" rounde out the program. Here is the complete program for "Music for a Summer Evening" .

“After all that, Tannehill is back in command in Miami—not that he ever wasn’t.”

The Dolphins wanted to make sure Tannehill knew they were not looking to replace him. This team is Tannehill’s, and that was never a question mark within the doors of the Dolphins’ facilities - no matter how much discussion there has been (and is) outside the franchise about Tannehill’s status.

Breer quotes Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, “‘I really think his thought was— don’t waste the draft pick ,’ Gase said. ‘He focused on work and bringing the same intensity he does every day. He’s very competitive. He’s not going to bat an eye at any of those things. He just keeps going. If there’s some kind of internal thing going on, you’re not going to know. He’s not going to show his cards. So I never worried about it.’”

The rookie and the vet. passes along some words of wisdom to

Tannehill and Gase seem to have a relationship we have not seen between head coach and quarterback in Miami in the recent past. They trust each other and there is an open communication between the two. Tannehill understood what the team was doing, and he also understood that he was going to come back and be the best quarterback for this team - hoping the team did not “waste the draft pick,” by selecting a quarterback who was not going to play.

The Dolphins opened their veteran minicamp on Tuesday, with Tannehill clearly in charge of the offense - and the team. “It just helps you make quicker decisions,” Dolphins quarterback coach Bo Hardegree said of Tannehill’s development last year as he remained around the team despite the injury that held him out all season. “The big thing at the quarterback position is being able to play fast and think less, and just go out and react, and knowing the offense which, our quarterbacks … Being in his third year, he is handling all of the Mike points. He’s up there getting everybody lined up. We’re rolling, trying to play fast and he’s doing a really good job of that.”

“Ryan does a great job of not only relating to the guys on the offense – talking to the guys on the offense – but getting over and talking a little trash to the guys on defense,” wide receiver Kenny Stills said of Tannehill and his influence across the team. “(He’s) not feeling like he’s uncomfortable to go over there and talk some trash and get things going if we need that spark in practice. It differs. It differs by quarterback.”

Free agent addition, wide receiver Danny Amendola , said of Tannehill, “I think he’s a good quarterback. We’ve only been working together for a short time so I’m trying to get better. I’m trying to get on the same page as him, trying to listen to him, what he likes, what he wants and be there for him.”

He continued, “Your quarterback is a natural leader. He’s the one vocalizing the play calls on the field. There’s one quarterback. I feel like we have a great quarterback in Ryan and he’s doing a great job.”

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

Previous surveys of the prevalences of genotypes of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in different populations have often used genotyping assays based upon analysis of amplified sequences from the 5' noncoding region (5'NCR), such as restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) or hybridization with type-specific probes (e.g., InnoLipa). Although highly conserved, this region contains several type-specific nucleotide polymorphisms that allow major genotypes 1 to 6 to be reliably identified. Recently, however, novel HCV variants found in Vietnam and Thailand that are distantly related to the type 6a genotype (type 6 group) by phylogenetic analysis of coding regions of the genome often have sequences in the 5'NCR that are similar or identical to those of type 1 and could therefore not be identified by an assay of sequences in this region. We developed a new genotyping assay based upon RFLP of sequences amplified from the more variable core region to investigate their distribution elsewhere in southeast (SE) Asia. Among 108 samples from blood donors in seven areas that were identified as type 1 by RFLP in the 5'NCR, type 6 group variants were found in Thailand (7 from 28 samples originally identified as type 1) and Burma (Myanmar) (1 of 3) but were not found in Hong Kong (n = 43), Macau (n = 8), Taiwan (n = 6), Singapore (n = 2), or Malaysia (n = 18). Although this small survey suggests a relatively limited distribution for type 6 group variants in SE Asia, larger studies will be required to explore their distribution in other geographical regions and the extent to which their presence would limit the practical usefulness of 5'NCR-based genotyping assays for clinical or epidemiological purposes.

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

Detection of antibody to recombinant proteins derived from hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 represents the principal method for diagnosis of HCV infection. A method was developed for quantifying antibody reactivity in two third-generation enzyme immunoassays (Ortho EIA 3.0 and Murex VK48), and the influence of viraemia, HCV genotype, and host factors such as age, gender, and risk group upon antibody levels were investigated in a consecutive series of 117 anti-HCV-positive volunteer blood donors. Viraemic donors (as assessed by the polymerase chain reaction; PCR) showed significantly higher levels of anti-HCV by the Ortho EIA than those who were nonviraemic (adjusted mean difference of 10.1 fold after multiple regression analysis). The only other factor to influence significantly antibody level was genotype, where it was found that donors infected with type 1 showed 4 to 4.5 times greater serological reactivity by the Ortho assay than those infected with type 2 or 3. Antibody levels by the Ortho assay correlated closely to those detected by the Murex VK48 assay, and similar differences between PCR-positive and negative donors and between those infected with different genotypes were found. Differences in serological reactivity between genotypes indicate that a large proportion of epitopes of the type 1a or 1b recombinant proteins used in current assays are genotype specific. Variation in sensitivity of screening assays for different genotypes is of potential concern when used in countries where non-type 1 genotypes predominate in the blood donor or patient population.

At Petersen Health Care we strive to provide a healthy, clean, safe atmosphere for all of our residents. Find one of our top notch facilities near you today!

Pathways Rehab

Physical, occupational and speech therapies available seven days per week. Personal treatment programs are designed to serve patients in a wide variety of clinical categories.

Memory Care

Our state of the art small-scale, homelike settings are the most beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s disease because they foster a social, senior living community environment.

Skilled Nursing

Daily nursing rehabilitative care that needs to be performed under the supervision of skilled medical personnel.

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Provides all the comforts of home as well as health maintenance, state of the art security and a full range of care services for seniors who enjoy an independent lifestyle but need a little assistance.

Supportive Living

Bridges the gap between independent living long term care. Supportive living offers an affordable housing alternative for many seniors who are independent yet may need some assistance.

Independent Living

Provides active seniors the ability to maintain their own Apartment style residence, lifestyle and dignity without custodial or medical assistance.

July 6, 2018

Henrietta Fiet is a 103-year-old resident who calls Pleasant View Rehabilitation and Health Center her home. Let us introduce you to this phenomenal resident. She was born in Fulton, Illinois on July 2, 1915. Her maiden name was Balk and she was educated at Fulton Christian School. Henrietta met and married Allen Fiet on February 12, 1935. That union produced 3 children, 10 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, and 26 great-great- grandchildren. They celebrated marital bliss for…

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June 11, 2018

Peoria, IL – Petersen Health Care officials recently announced they will be introducing memory care to the Kewanee area this fall. According to Doug Currier, VP of Operations for the Peoria, IL based, Petersen Health Care Assisted Living Division, the new Betty’s Garden Memory Care will be the first of its kind to our area. “Memory Care has quickly escalated its way to the top need in new developments for the healthcare industry”, said Currier.…

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June 8, 2018

We had wonderful community support for Long Term Care week this year at Rosiclare Rehabilitation Health Care Center. We were given the opportunity to have a Model-T brought to our facility, alongside a ’39 Chevy Coupe, for our residents to enjoy looking at, and get up close and personal with. We have our free spirited, young at heart Lucille Turner who wanted to relive her younger days and climbed right up on the side…

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Celebrate Success with Veronica Taylor After an acute hospital stay at HSHS St. John’s in Springfield, Veronica Taylor chose the Pathways Program at Effingham Rehabilitation and Health Care Center for her short term rehab to home services. Veronica was determined to return to her prior level of functioning at home after a stroke and set her goals with a quick return home in mind. The entire team at Effingham Rehabilitation and Health Care Center enjoyed…

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March 1, 2018



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Additional Resources

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